For democracy, civil rights and development in Northern Ghana

Ghana Friendship Groups has since 1979 worked for equality and development in the poor northern Ghana.

We help rural towns, women and young people to organize and fight for their democratic and social rights. We have a special focus on agricultural development and the right to education, because food and education is the foundation during all other development.

Ghana Friendship Groups work is driven by committed volunteers and close cooperation with our longstanding Ghanaian partner organizations.

Our projects are supported by Danida since 1986, but we also get invaluable support from elsewhere.

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Results from many years of work

  • The Folk High Scool Simli Centre (Friendship Centre) in Dalun, who teaches people in all from handy-craft to local leadership and democracy;
  • Radio Simli (Radio Friendship), Ghana's first popular development Radio;
  • School for Life (SfL), since 1995 through mother tongue teaching and modern pedagogy has trained more than 100.000 children who would not otherwise have learned to read, write and do arithmetic.
  • Since then a large pond digging entry project for which 750 villages provide clean water and sanitation to tens of thousands of farmers in northern Ghana, and also climate change adaptation projects
  • an innovative youth initiative
  • a major local-anchored popular movement for development



>> See the introducton to GV and the work in Ghana (30 min.)

It's Peter and Louise from GV, has been interviewed for the Danish TV channel "Familiekanalen".

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