GV as a frame organisation

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Empowerment and capacity building of civil society in Northern Region, Ghana

Since 1986 GV has received means from Danida to implement a number of individual projects, but in 2007 Danida introduced the programme approach.

 The programme approach is a new way of financing the development activities of small and medium sized NGOs by ensuring an amount for a determined period to obtain better coordination and synergy of the activities. 

GV was selected as one of the first NGOs to apply for a Danida programme financing. The approval of a programme financing is done based on an extensive evaluation of the capacity of the Danish organisation and its projects. In preparing the application GV  has continued its tradition with involving the partner in a dialogue. The application was approved in December 2009 and the Empowerment for Life programme started on 1st January 2010.

The first 2-year phase of Empowerment for Life was implemented on an award of DKK 23 millions for the periode 2010-2011.

The second 3-year phase of the Empowerment for Life programme is being implemented on an award of DKK 34.2 milions for the period 2012 - 2014.