Ghanaian Danish Community Programme

GDCP Administration

'Strengthening the Civil Society'

The Ghanaian Danish Community Programme (GDCP) developed as a result of cooperation between the Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) in Ghana and the Ghana Friendship Groups (GV) in Denmark.

In addition to GDCP the GDCA-GV cooperation implemented two other programmes in the Northern Region. These were the School for Life (SfL) and the Community Life Improvement Programme (CLIP).

GDCP was an integrated rural development programme operating in Northern Ghana and was the first of the GDCA programmes to be established.

GDCP received funds from Danida through GDCA's partner organisation GV in Denmark since 1986.

GDCP had six phases with support from Danida. Phase VI had a duration of 4 years until 31st May 2009. During this last phase a strategy was developed to ensure sustainability, both by having income and by attracting means from other donors

The four sectors were:

Simli Centre, (SC), the Dagbon Adult Education Centre;

Tinkpansi Lebgimsim (TL), Community Development/Capacity Building;

Simli Pong (SP), Micro-Credit Scheme;

Simli Radio (SR), a Community Radio. 


Present structure

After the end of the support from Danida Tinkpansi Lebgimsim and DNK have been joined as an educational training institution Simle Centre.

Simle Pong  is now self sustainable with a head office in Tamale.

Simle Radio  has been registered as development radio and has quite a number of listeners.

The three selfsustainable institutions renders services to GDCA and GV's new programme in Northern Region "Empowement for Life" which started 1st January 2010. 

A extensive evaluation  of the progamme has been made. Read the report here.