Tinkpansi Lebgimsim (TL)

CBOs trained in Conflict Management

Community Development


TL has since 1986 in collaboration with DNK been involved in capacity building of Local Committees, which are the basis or focal point for all programme activities in the programme area. TL furthermore used to support the development of social infrastructure through a Local Fund.

 The Local Fund activities as service delivery were phased out in the Tolon/Kumbungu District in 2004 and was also phased out in the Savulugu/Nanton district in 2006. T/L now focuses on capacity building programme as its primary activity.

 The District Assemblies and the communities used to identify and prioritise the needs of the communities and TL assisted in funding and construction of facilities such as school blocks, clinics, water supply and teachers? accommodation. 

 TL is a grass root training institution that aims to strengthen the capacities of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to become sustainable.

 TL plans and conducts capacity courses in the communities targeting GDCP Local Committees, Unit Committees, Area Councils, Women Groups, Youth Groups, and Traditional Authorities as well as Parent Teacher Associations.

 CBOs are referred to as civil society organisations working towards the development of their communities. These groups engage in different kind of activities and should act as pressure groups, advocating and lobbying the local government for their share of the common fund.

 Unfortunately, the capacities of these organisations are low rendering them ineffective to advocate and lobby and unable to mobilise internal and external resources for development.

 As a result of these deficits TL Capacity Building Programme seeks to strengthen the capacities of the organisations to perform better as pressure groups and to help them identify and approach other sources for funding for the development of their community.

 To reach that goal the CBOs need a Capacity Building programme that entails both the provision of resources, but most importantly the necessary skills (ability) to make maximum use of resources to attain and sustain improved living standards. The objectives of TL?s training activities are to give the CBOs these necessary skills.

 TL operates in 518 communities in Tolon/Kumbungu and Savelugu-Nanton Districts.

Tinkpansi Lebgimsim Strategy

TL believes in a participatory approach to development issues, as a result all activities of the capacity building programme are carried out in the communities with full participation of all concerned. This will enhance ownership and integration of local knowledge into development planning and implementation. The role of TL in this process is basically a facilitation role and will ensure that the beneficiaries continue to work on their own.

 What makes T/L Different from other Capacity-Building Organisations?

TL has 10 years experience in working with rural communities, using social interactive and participatory planning and implementation tools. The TL approach is unique in the sense that, all the Capacity Building activities are carried out in the communities with the full participation of the actors.

 TL training cost is very low compared to other capacity building organisations in the area. Financial issues are crucial in capacity building activities which organisations must be concerned with, if designed programmes are to be sustainable.

 TL medium of facilitation is multi dimensional, depending on the target group. The content of TL training manuals are designed and written according to the training needs of the target groups. The hopes and aspirations of participants to achieve desired goals act as motivation to learning.

Facilitation methodologies used for facilitation of training workshop are practical and pictorial, raising the enthusiasm of participants at all times.  

Tinkpansi Lebgimsim Collaborators

TL collaboration with other development partners and decentralised departments in the Districts is superb and classic in nature, ensuring a holistic approach to development needs and aspirations. 

TL collaborates with the other 3 sectors of GDCP, especially DNK. T/L also collaborates with Department of Community Development, Community Water and Sanitation Agency, District Assemblies and other relevant NGOs.

TL Staff Strength:

TL is equipped with experienced and committed staff capable of delivering TL mandate of empowering Civil Society and other key actors. TL has modern and up-to date animation equipment necessary for duty at all times, being day or night. TL has boarding and training facilities for CBOs/ Organisations who will like to rent for their programmes. TL has expertise in training needs assessment and development of tailor made courses for interested CBOs and Organisations/Donors.

 Contact Person/Address:

The Assistant Centre Coordinator
Capacity Building
GDCP, P.O.Box TL 764, Tamale
Website: www.gdcp-ghana.com 
Tel.: 233 (0)71 22776
e-mail: gdcp(at)africaonline.com.gh