Dagbon Ninneesim Karimzong (DNK)

DNK is established along the Danish folk school tradition. It is a centre for general learning where focus is placed on short courses in employable skills and also capacity building at a higher level; Training of Trainers (TOT) courses for development workers.

DNK is a unique rural based training centre for people of all walks of life; men and women independent of denomination, political belonging and ethnicity. DNK has over the years trained a good number of community members in community work. This makes DNK a reliable partner to all levels of development.

DNK collaborators include direct beneficiaries, District Assemblies, Government Departments and NGOs.

The major objective of DNK is to give functional training to individuals and groups so as to build their capacities in an attempt to; better the quality of life of rural people, diversify income generating activities of rural people, encourage the use and replication of development knowledge and skills and also build the capacities of change agents for the empowerment of communities.

The courses conducted by DNK fall within two main categories:

1. Training of Trainers (TOT):

The TOT courses are targeted towards people engaged in development work and those preparing to work in the development field. It is a participatory and experience based training.

2. Community courses:

These courses are targeted at income generating skills i.e. vocational skills, production skills and training of farmers. They also include ?life skills? i.e. general information for improving basic livelihood such as health education, HIV, civic rights, family planning etc. The initial courses are free of charge, but a fee will be charged for the follow-up courses. It is assumed that the initial course will increase the income of the participants.

Other activities of DNK

Training at an Outreach Center

Hiring out facilities

DNK hires out its facilities to organizations and departments for training workshops, seminars, meetings, etc for a fee. Facilities available for hiring include;

(i) Catering services

(ii) Hostels & Guesthouse

(iii) Conference hall/classroom

(iv) Office space

(v) Savelugu Simli Karimzong (Savelugu)

(vi) Staff time (facilitation, supervision, and support services)

Satellite Centres

a) Savelugu Simli Karimzong.

This training facility has the capacity to hold 60 participants at a time The facilities include a classroom, catering services and hostels. The training facility is located in Savelugu, 3 Km off the Savelugu-Bolgatanga road.

b) Outreach centres

These are located at Tolon, Nyankpala, Wantugu, Diare and Zoggu. The aim is to bring community courses closer to the people.

Other information


DNK wishes to work with other development partners in Ghana towards the achievement of its objectives, specifically: resource use maximization, building the capacity of community leaders, development partners and district departments to plan and implement community based development projects. We share experiences on good practices in training and other areas through; Workshops, Seminars, Fora and Networking.

For further information; contact,

The Assistant Centre Coordinator,

Skills Training

GDCP, P.O. Box 764, Tamale.

Website: www.gdcp-ghana.com

Tel: 233 (0)71 22776.

Mob:233 (0)24-4478716, 233 (0)24-3585889.