Simli Radio (SR)

Radio production at Simli Radio

Community Development Radio


Simli Radio was established as a community-based radio station in 1996. It has since been producing programmes in Dagbanli, the local language spoken in the programme area. Simli Radio is located at Dalun in Tolon/Kumbungu district. There are a total of 376 communities in the programme area with a total population of 280,000.


Simli Radio transmits some of its programmes to the region through the public regional FM station, Radio Savannah, Tamale. It also transmits directly to the local communities in the GDCP Programme Area and beyond.


The philosophy of the SR is participatory social development. It thus, works closely with the communities by giving them the platform to identify challenges facing them and also build their capacity by way of information to address these challenges.

The Executive Committe of Simli Radio has the following members:

  1. Alhaji A.M. Baba                                             Chairman     
  2. Rev. Sulemana Amadu
  3. Mr. H.A. Ziblim   
  4. Catherine M.  Sulemana                                                                                                   
  5. Mr. Mohammed Issifu Salisu                           
  6. Mr. Mahama Alan Burns Bukari
  7. Mr. A.M. Baba                                                  
  8. Alhaji B.Y. Mohammed                                   
Nafisa is recording for the Radio


The contents of the SR programmes are on issues that affect the communities, e.g., agriculture, health, sanitation, empowerment of women and education among others.


SR also produces programmes on the activities of the other sectors of the GDCP and is collaborating and producing programmes for other development agencies like Unicef, Carter Centre on guinea worm and trachoma eradication etc.


SR is engaged in distance learning by producing programmes for the School for Life and collaborates with the Non Formal Education Division of the Ghana Education Service