Assistance to school children

A lot of children never go to school, as the parents do not see the necessity of education. The parents have never attended school themselves and the assistance of the children at home is considered more important. Especially the education of the girls has low priority.  

One of our projects is called School for Life. The project offers a nine months course for children and young people between the ages of 8 to 14 years, who would not otherwise attend school. During the nine months the pupils learn to calculate, read and write in their mother tongue. The project is particularly concerned with the enrolment of girls in the classes and the changing of attitudes towards the education of girls in general.

Thanks to the voluntary work of local people every year approx. 10,000 children enjoy the benefits of this project. The voluntary teachers are trained by the staff of the project. The teaching is done in the afternoon, so that the children can still assist at home.

Often the parents are impressed by the results, and some of the School for Life pupils are allowed to continue their schooling in a regular Ghanaian school. Unfortunately, however, many families can not afford to send their children to regular schools because of the extras costs for books and school uniforms.

It cost only 200 Danish Kr. to send a girl in Northern Ghana to school for a whole year. 

Assistance to education of teachers

Lack of teachers in the schools is a big problem in Northern Ghana. One of the major problems is getting the teachers to settle in the local villages. GV wishes to reduce this problem by supporting the voluntary facilitators in School for Life to become trained teachers. With financial support the voluntary facilitators can complete the 3 years education at a Teacher Training College. Without financial support not many of the facilitators would have the chance of using their skills, and the lack of teachers in Northern Ghana would continue to be a big problem.   

It costs only 500 Danish Kr. for a man/woman to study one year at Teachers Training College.

This is how you can help

With a contribution of your choice you can support development in Northern Ghana. The contribution goes to one of the following funds:

SfL Needy Girls Fund

Teacher Education Fund

The choice is yours. Together we can make a contribution to development. You can contribute an amount of your own choice at giro 398-0200 (+01< +3980200)