Ghanaian Danish Community Programme

Since 1984 GDCP (Ghanaian Danish Community Programme) has been working in the Tolon/Kumbungu district in Northern Region which is one of the 7 districts constituting the kingdom of Dagbon. From being a tiny programme, only working in four villages with one Dane employed who went about on his bicycle and helped people realise their ideas of development, it has now grown into a big programme with many different activities, with many Ghanaians employed and only one Dane, a Friendship Co-ordinator.

Community Projects
GDCP mainly worked within the sectors of education, water and health The first projects were dams in Tali and Tolon and the Dalun Clinic. Now the water sector has been phased out and a number of school structures have been erected. The principle of help to self-help is the basis of all the projects.
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Dagbon Ninneesim Karimzong
Since 1989 Dagbon Ninneesim Karimzong, (Dagbon Centre for General Learning) has offered courses to the villagers in improved acricultural methods and other income generating activities. Courses on a higher level are also offered to other institutions like facilitator courses for the voluntary teachers of "School for Life".
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Radio Simli
An FM radiostation has been established in Tamale, the regional capital of Northern Region, and GDCP has a small radio studio, which produces programmes from the villages and DNK, and which greatly contributes to the enlightenment of the villages and encourages them to take initiatives to improve their conditions.
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Women's Loans Programme
A Women Co-ordinator organises women's groups and offers loans for income generating activities like the production of shea-butter and soap.
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GDCA is a Ghanaian NGO which manages the GDCP projects.
At the Annual General Meeting GDCA elects an Executive Committee EC, to run everyday matters. This EC is reponsible to GDCA, and negotiates with the Danish GDCP Committee.

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P.O.Box 764
Tlf. 00233 71 23414
E-post: gdcp

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