School for Life

A functional literacy programme for children


In 1993 Dagbon Traditional Council forwarded a request for outside assistance from the Danish Government to support an educational programme with the aim of reducing child illiteracy.
In October1994 the Danish Government approved financial support to implement a programme on child literacy to be undertaken from 1995 to 1998

It is the aim of the project to introduce, facilitate and operate as many sustainable afternoon schools as possible for children between 8 and 12 years of age who do not otherwise receive primary schooling.

Trekant  Phase 3 has been approved !!
In Phase 1, 1995-1998, 10,500 children  in 2 districts were given the opportunity to get basic education in reading, writing and arithmetic. 

In Phase 2, 1998-2003, 50,000 children i 8 districts were given the possibility to get basic education in their mother tongue.
More than 60% of them continue in formal school.

In Phase 3, 2003-2008, another 48,000 children will get the same opportunity, and School for Life will work for mainstreaming education in rural areas.

Trekant  See a description of School for Life in a pdf file

Trekant  SfL Literacy - Components and Values
School for Life is now being replicated by other NGOs and you can read about the qualities that have convinced  among others USAID that it is a valuable educational organisation.

Trekant  Read an evaluation of School for Life's qualities made by an independent authority

Trekant  The self-help programme
GES is getting improved infrastructure through School for Life’s self-help programme which supports the construction of school buildings and the acquisition of school furniture also for the use of GES with 75% of the expences.

Trekant  Radio component
A new education tool is being used as GDCP's Radio Simli in Dalun produces school radio programmes for the SFL classes

Trekant  Relation to Ghana Education
About 80 % of the graduates of School for Life continue in the formal school, usually entering P2, P3 or P4. Their performance is usually above the national average.

Trekant  Four Languages
SFL started with Dagbani and Likpakpaaln, but in Phase 2 Bassari and Anufo have been added.

" School for Life'' is an NGO established to carry through the literacy programme Local SFL committees behind the individual literacy class and facilitators are supported by a full time staff based in Tamale and in each district where SfL operates.
A Board of Directors are responsible for the policies and strategies of School for Life and negoriate directly with the SFL Board in Denmark which monitors the School for Life programme and are responsible to Danida for the utilisation of the funds.

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Read more about the districts:
Trekant  Yendi
Trekant  Gusheigu-Karaga
Trekant  Savelugu-Nanton
Trekant  Zabzugu-Tatale
Trekant  Rural Tamale

The permanent commissions:
Trekant  Board of Directors of SfL in Ghana
Trekant  SFL Board in Denmark

Read about the information campaign in November 1999:
Trekant  Information campaign

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