Tamale Rural district

Tamale Rural
Trekant See Tamale map with 1998-90 SFL classes (26KB)

Tamale is the Regional capital of Northern Region. The area of the district is 875 kmē and there are about 400,000 inhabitants.
The majority are Dagombas, but there are people of many different ethnic origin in the urban parts of the district. Only Konkombas are no longer residents in Tamale, as a consequence of the ethnic conflict in 1994, when they hadto leave the town. They can now move freely about, but have not yet returned to their former residences.

From the start of School for Life the wish has been expressed that Tamale should be included in the programme, but not till 1997 were 20 classes in the rural area outside the municipality included, and from 1998 50 classes.

In 1997 A. Baba Issifu was employed as supervisor, administered from Savelugu/Nanton with the20 classes. From 1998 A. Baba Issifu was promoted to District Co-ordinator and two Supervisors were employed.

A district office has been rented. From 1999 it also includes the Area office. The former district co-ordinator of Yendi district, B. A. Yussif has been employed as the Area Co-ordinator of the four districts: Tolon/Kumbungu, Gusheigu/Karaga, Savelugu/Nanton, and Tamale Rural.