Zabzugu/Tatale district

Trekant  See the Zabzugu/Tatale SFL classes1998-99 (30KB)

The Zabzugu/Tatale district is about 1.800 kmē and is situated along the border of Togo.There are about 70,000 inhabitants of which Dagombas constitute about 30 %, Konkombas about 40%, while most of the rest are bassaris.. Zabzugu is mainly inhabited by Dagombas, while the bassaries are found in Tatale and along the Togo border. Particularly the Dagomba villages suffered during the conflict, but most of the inhabitants have now returned.
A stable district administration has been helpful and has been very positive to the School for Life programme

In 1997 staff was employed: District Co-ordinator A.A. Halidu Razak and supervisors Muhammed Z Nabila and Nween A. Takuba. All members of staff speak both Dagbani and Likpakpaaln and Nween A. Takuba is Bassari.

The School for Life district office is in Zabzugu.

There is an active Catholic Mission in Tatale which has helped the development of education, but the lack of teachers is catastrophic, particularly after the conflict.